So… why?

I was checking out my ThinkPad, and I was trying to run Minecraft on it. To my surprise, apparently it did not support OpenGL! But, it does support OpenGL… what’s going on?

Let’s blame Intel

Intel’s graphic drivers were, obviously, legacy. This is a laptop from 2012. The drivers weren’t intended to run on Windows 10, but it does… here’s where it messes up though: Windows 10 and newer change the NT kernel version from 6 to 10. Huge step, and this causes some applications to not want to load OpenGL drivers.. here’s the fix!

Compatability Assistant is cool

What I did was trick Temurin/Adoptium that it’s running on Windows 8.1, and then I load the OpenGL driver from Intel. Instead of you needing do to this all yourself, I’ve put it all in a GitHub repository that explains everything further here.

Does it work?


What versions can you run using this?

Anything less than or equal to 1.16.5. Newer versions of Minecraft require a version of OpenGL the chip does not support.