Welcome to the new Blog!

I have switched website stack completely, and therefore I have made a change to the CMS.

Welcome to the new Blog!

Hello SvelteKit

I wanted to make the website less static-y and add some nice backend features, like the ability to get incidents from Uptime Kuma. I do not want to do this type of logic on the client-side, so switching to SvelteKit was the right choice here. Plus, I get to have some nice transitions :P

Also, hello Directus

I tried a couple CMSes (Content Management System), and I pretty much did not like any of them. I tried Drupal and Strapi. Strapi had the most painful setup, but Drupal was basically impossible to interact with. My friend reminded me to try Directus, which I did, and I am impressed. It has an easy setup and I can do a lot more with it. And its API looks better. Cool 👍