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Well, who am I #

I’m a 15 year old Norwegian computer nerd who enjoys tinkering with code and software. I also like playing games. I sound really generic, don’t I? Maybe cause I am.

Here’s a summary of my personality, in audio format:

What I’ve done and made #


What do I like to do #

I like to:

Skills That Might Pay The Bills #

My Skills

Money #

If you would like to give me money, thank you! I accept monero.

Monero QR

If you can’t scan the QR, here’s my address instead: 45wYu3oEAhu7s9aodftL2iBztYCdKzTZ4gaTRXGRRsN8cfVbdDMrVCEDmUczBiosE3ESVtyRKodXKgcTThyNsF2XGJvee5V

OpenAlias is also set up on odyssey346.dev, so you can just put odyssey346.dev in a client that supports OpenAlias, for example MyMonero.

I accept Monero because it’s stable enough and it’s 100% anonymous. I don’t want to know who donates to me, I like mysteries.

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